AcPet Market Potential
Enormous potential is applied to all protein markets including human medicine, animal health and manufacturing. The technology can be used to develop products in the following categories
Human Pharmaceuticals
The AcPET system can be used to make recombinant proteins for virtually any purpose where monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are currently being used, but without the development cost in time and dollars or the patent infringement issues of mAbs.
The AcPET system can make recombinant proteins as well as antibodies that compete in this arena. Diagnostics are used to identify viral, parasitic and bacterial pathogens, monitor drug safety profiles and monitor the course of treatment.
Agriculture applications of the AcPET system include recombinant proteins for use as vaccines for farm animals, diagnostics for detecting parasitic, pathogenic viral, fungal and bacterial diseases as well as therapeutics for treating and monitoring the course of treatment in farm animals.
Veterinary Drugs
The AcPET system can produce proteins that address the needs of companion animals as well as farm animals.
Industrial Chemicals
The AcPET system can be used to make better enzymes by selecting for proteins that form a transition state complex with the enzyme substrate, thereby making the enzyme more efficient by reducing the activation energy of the enzymatic reaction.

AcPET system can also develop antibiotic recombinant proteins for treating biowarfare agent infections or for inactivating biowarfare toxins, in some cases where there is currently no known treatment.